Reports & Articles

Antony Elliott has authored the following reports & articles…. click to read.

Not waving but drowning: over-indebtedness by misjudgement (CSFI: June 2005)

Fair Banking: the road to redemption for UK banks (CSFI – April 2009)

The greater good (Financial World – March 2010)

Transforming Financial Behaviour: (summary) (CFEB – July 2010)

Transforming Financial Behaviour: (Full report) (CFEB – July 2010)

Fairbanking ratings: is UK retail banking showing signs of reform? (The Fairbanking Foundation : April 2011)

Investing for the good of society: why and how do wealthy individuals respond (Nesta: June 2011)

Business Angels (Financial World – May 2012)

Influencing Financial Behaviour: From changing minds to changing contexts (Journal of Behavioral Finance – June 2012)

Financial planners as catalysts for social investment (Nesta: June 2012)

The Financial Capability of the UK (The Money Advice Service: August 2013)

Financial Well-Being Components (Springer Science+Business Media: October 2013)

Fairbanking Ratings: Reaching for the stars (The Fairbanking Foundation: November 2013)

A better kind of banking (The RSA & The Fairbanking Foundation: November 2013)

Wired for Imprudence (The RSA: May 2015)

Fairbanking ratings: A Tipping Point in UK Banking Culture? (The Fairbanking Foundation : February 2017)

Customer vulnerability and current accounts – a review of UK practice (The Fairbanking Foundation : March 2017)

 Save as you borrow – credit unions creating good habits : (The Fairbanking Foundation :February 2107)