Advisory Services

Is your company committed to creating and providing financial products that are proven to enhance customer financial well-being?

Advisory services
Fairbanking can offer flexible access to behavioural economics expertise to improve customer outcomes. When approached effectively, significant opportunities exist to develop a level of trust with customers. Our advisory services use proven approaches to help you increase your customer base and expand into other areas to help customers achieve greater financial well-being.
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Behavioural Economics on Demand

Our advisory services use an on-demand ‘surgeries’ type  approach for providing advice. Surgeries provide relevant and timely information at key stages and look at defined issues. 

The surgeries take place in person, over three hours and focus on defined issues related to one specific issue or goal. They look at specific interventions which may include  incentives, salient information, social norms, defaults and commitment – with the end goal to help customers achieve greater financial well-being.

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Availability: 3 hour sessions,  purchase in advance and use when you need

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Advisory Consulting

From branding, website design and customer interaction to customer service scripts, emails and letters, the Fairbanking Foundation can work with you to apply behavioural techniques to help motivate your customers to act to enable positive outcomes.

These larger projects go beyond our ‘surgery’ approach – contact us to discuss your needs. As a charity, a portion of our fees are directly used to advance the Fairbanking Foundation’s charitable objects.

Find out how our advisory services have helped other organisations, read the case studies:
‘Nudging Customers to higher credit card payments’
‘Improving the response rate for debt recovery letters’

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Alternatively take a look at our one day training workshop and learn what really drives your customers’ sense of financial well-being.