About Us

“To encourage and assist banking providers to improve the financial well-being of their customers”.

Our charitable objective is as relevant today as when Antony Elliot set The Fairbanking Foundation up  10 years ago. The Fairbanking Foundation is a research-based charity, granted charitable status in September 2008 under number 1125769. The Foundation is primarily funded by fees for our Fairbanking Mark certification and advisory services and we also receive grants and donations.

The Foundation has been set up in the belief that financial providers owe a duty of care to their customers and to the country as a whole – that they should act in the ‘common good’. We also believe that customers who are enjoying improved financial well-being will be happier, have positive loyal relationships with their financial providers and be more likely to buy additional products and services from them.

The Fairbanking Continuous Improvement Model

Our continuous improvement model aims to increase our advisory work and training with financial providers helping them improve their customer well-being and also increase the number of financial products with Fairbanking Marks.

We are very proud that currently more than one third of the the UK adult population can benefit from products with Fairbanking Marks which help to improve their financial well-being.