We have ten years of experience using behavioural techniques to improve customer financial well-being.

Our one day workshop uses behavioural economic thinking to help attendees learn about what really drives their customers’ sense of financial well-being and what features banking products need to possess if they are to help improve on this.

Attendees will be taught by experts at the Fairbanking Foundation. All instructors have 'hands on' experience in product innovation to benefit customers as well as broader application of behavioural techniques focused on customer communication and improvement of customer financial well-being.

Behavioural Economics Workshop

Working with leading academics, the Fairbanking Foundation has developed an accessible, interactive workshop, rooted in solid research.

The workshop is designed to help participants to refine and develop products that drive positive customer behaviours including proactive saving and default avoidance. Equally, the sessions will help product owners to identify, mitigate and avoid unintended consequences.

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We are happy to offer bespoke workshops focusing on your companies specific requirements if needed. Please enquire for prices and to book.

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