Benefits of a Mark

With the approach taken in our 9 product specifications, the Fairbanking Mark can create an environment where you will develop truly customer centric products from inception to delivery. The Fairbanking Mark can also help build a strong organisation culture where your teams really connect to the positive contribution they are making to their customers’ financial well-being.

For Your Customers

  • The Fairbanking Mark is the only Mark in the UK that is UKAS certified. It provides robust objective evidence to your customers and society, as a whole, that you are delivering customer financial well-being in your products. To ensure your success is recognised, the Fairbanking Mark should be used in your marketing and communications to make your brand stand out amongst the competition.
  • The Fairbanking Mark is proven to improve customers’ financial well-being. In Ipsos MORI research, users of a 5-star savings product said “it reminds us to take responsibility and to defer immediate gratification.” … “It instils a discipline that has already helped at the right times.”
  • It helps build customer trust and loyalty. “Fairbanking have teamed up to make the bank have a more human face, and responsible air.”

For Your Products

  • The independent customer research undertaken as part of the assessment process can be a powerful voice of your customer in product development/refinement.
  • Fairbanking Mark holders have access to Fairbanking insights, research opportunities and events.
  • Promotion of your Mark and participation in wider Fairbanking work such as providing visibility of all products carrying a Fairbanking Mark to Orbit Housing Association tenants.

For Your Organisation

  • Achieving a Fairbanking Mark can have tremendous benefits on staff engagement.
  • The Mark can complement your conduct agenda work independently evidencing that you are truly putting your customer financial well-being at the heart of your product offering.
  • Whether through obtaining a Fairbanking Mark or using our advisory services, working with a market leading charity focused on improving customer well-being demonstrates a strong focus on Corporate Social Responsibility.